Chelle Construction helps you do precisely that. We understand the challenges of retail construction and know how to deliver a sound-structure on time, on budget and in accordance with the architect’s plans. If you’re considering a new shopping center let us help you make it a success. We have built over 400,000 sq ft of commercial retail space. Whether you are looking to build a single store or planning to lay out a major expansion, we can simplify your project by running the shell construction with our General Construction division.

Dinning & Entertainment

In the fast-paced competitive retail construction industry, time, budget and efficiency are of vital importance. This means that you have to do more with less time and less money. To get stores designed and built on time and on budget, you have to work smarter.

Multi Family

At Chelle Construction it’s about more than our ability to build a great building. It’s about truly understanding the markets in which we work and the clients we serve. Multi-family residential is unique in many respects.

Chelle Construction has worked with many developers to construct apartment complexes, condominiums, and mid-rise residential units. Our comprehensive approach to quality and end user satisfaction has made us a leader in delivery of high end residential projects. With our proven track record, detail to attention, and flexibility, we are currently the general contractor for several condominium projects.


Our work experience includes a variety of industrial and professional projects that reflect our ability to adapt and succeed in any challenge. Chelle Construction brings extensive construction expertise to building industrial and office properties and we look for every opportunity to implement flexibility and responsiveness into solutions for our clients. By pledging teamwork as a way of doing business, we strive to work with owners to solve problems and expedite the process.

Our project team works to schedule all owner items, equipment, and fixtures in addition to subcontractors and suppliers in an effort to assist the owner and to avoid unnecessary delays on the projects. Our cost-effective solutions, versatility and technical proficiency combined with the ability to effectively manage schedules continue to delight clients.


We understand the unique aspects of hospitality projects. Chelle Construction has the people, experience, and resources to deliver the most demanding program requirements. Working with an experienced team of professionals, Chelle Construction delivers the client’s vision within the realities of the client’s budget and schedule. Just as retail developer’s needs are driven by their tenants, so too are hospitality client’s needs driven by their customers.

In both cases, effective projects revolve around providing for the end users. Chelle Construction clearly understands who that ultimate customer is and uses prior experience to help clients better serve those customers.

Building “Green”

Build it green, this has nearly become a tag line these days. Beyond all of the hype and media exaggeration, there is real opportunity to build a home that is not only visually stunning, but efficient and in tune with the environment. The simplest solutions are nearly always the best and you would be surprised how simple changes to a home or its design can have a huge effect on your electric bill. Efficiency can be built through the use of the most energy conserving materials and techniques, combined with simple design elements such as extra deep roof overhangs to keep the sun off of the windows.

Taking a whole house approach to efficient and “Green” design means looking at every energy and raw material consuming process, evaluating what makes sense to change and moving forward with a project that has been designed by a team that understands the goals.